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Spring is garden (light) time

Frühling ist Garten(leuchten)-Zeit

LED outdoor lighting - LED garden lamps: So that your cozy hours in your home paradise get that extra portion of style and aesthetics, especially in the evening, we would like to give you everything you need to know about the outdoor use of Smart and Green LED lamps as garden lights and outdoor lights in this article and summarized for use as floating lamps/LED pool lamps

Smart and green flatball light on the beach

One thing in advance: As garden lamps, the LED design lights from Smart and Green fulfill their original purpose. The design of our lamps has been optimized for mobile use since the beginning. It is important to the French inventors that the robustness, weather resistance and economy of their technically leading LED lamps are exploited. In addition, the often organic, futuristic shapes fit harmoniously into the outside environment. Be it outside, inside, in the air or in the water.

1. The garden light as a floating lamp: Use the floating ability of Smart and Green

If you have a small garden pond or pool, Smart and Green as a garden lamp is actually a must for you. All round LED design lamps such as FLATBALL or DEW are particularly suitable as LED floating lamps . These models, which can also be used as LED pool lights as floating lamps, automatically align themselves in the correct way. They are also easy to fix - for example with a piece of fishing line and a stone, which can be attached to the eyelets embedded at the bottom. Take a look at the following pictures and imagine how beautifully a Smart and Green floating lamps reflects its light on your water surface at night. Thanks to its robustness, your children can also play quietly with the floating lamps - The Erding thermal baths near Munich show how it is done.

Smart and green colored floating lights in the thermal bath

2. Your outdoor lighting via remote control: with the SmartMESH® APP you can conjure up the right ambience in no time

You step over the threshold of your patio door and look forward to a beautiful evening outside. A casual touch of the finger on the color wheel of the APP control, and it's as if a curtain is being pulled back on a fairytale world: between the beds, dangling from the trees, under the bushes... your garden lights shine everywhere in a symphony of light synchronized by you personally . A breathtaking sight. evening after evening. Night for night.

3. No stress with electricity: The ideal garden lighting thanks to the leading battery charging concept

With just a single battery charge, a Smart and Green LED light produces beautiful light for up to 15 hours. With the flexible charging stations and the multi-charging stations* for several lamps at the same time, you can charge all garden lights of the BULB version in no time. The light units themselves will provide you with reliable light for many years - you can be sure of a minimum lighting time of 50,000 hours with an LED garden lamp from Smart and Green. * The multi-charging station cannot be used for floating lights.

4. Choose the right Smart and Green lamp shape for use as a garden light

The question about recommending a lamp shape often leads to a query - namely about the planned use and your basic aesthetic feeling. The PEARL, GLOBE and BALL light balls are suitable as floating lights or hidden in the vegetation, as are the STONE L and STONE XL terrific. All TOWER models are popular as floor lamps on stairs, bridges, garden works of art, garden furniture and entrances. POINT and EGG are impressive as table lamps for outdoor use

Smart&Green lights

5. Weather, UV light, frost, children - How to protect the garden lamp

The best thing about a Smart and Green garden light is without a doubt that you don't have to worry about the forces of nature mentioned above. Smart and Green LED designer lights are designed for mobile use even under adverse conditions and can withstand any external influences with flying colors. The durable plastic bodies as well as the compact and intelligently designed interior of the lighting units are completely fail-safe. The only thing you need to be careful of as an owner of a Smart and Green garden light is envious thieves.

Conclusion: You see, perfect garden lighting has to be able to do a lot. At Smart and Green, we are proud to offer LED garden lamps that are unrivaled anywhere in the world. No matter how much space you have or what ambience you want to create, with Smart and Green you can create light worlds like from another planet. The versatility and technical perfection of Smart and Green is the reason why you should buy it here in the shop - if you have any questions or ideas about your outdoor lighting vision, we are happy to help you at any time!

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