LED swimming lamps from Goodnight Light

The floating design lights from Goodnight Light illuminate your pond or pool in impressive colors. A waterproof LED module with battery is installed in our floating lamps, which is why they run without a battery and can be used mobile in your outdoor area. In addition to their use in a pool or pond, the floating lights can also add a beautiful atmosphere to your garden, terrace or balcony.

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DUCK-DUCK lamp S white DUCK-DUCK lamp S white
Sale price159,00 €
DUCK-DUCK lamp XL light object whiteDUCK-DUCK lamp XL light object white
Sale price159,00 €
Save 39,00 €
2er Set - The BOAT lamp™2er Set - The BOAT lamp™
Sale price279,00 € Regular price318,00 €
Save 59,00 €
DUCK-DUCK lamp XL + S in whiteDUCK-DUCK lamp XL + S in white
Sale price399,00 € Regular price458,00 €
Save 59,00 €
DUCK-DUCK lamp set of 2DUCK-DUCK lamp set of 2
Sale price399,00 € Regular price458,00 €
DUCK-DUCK lamp XL light object yellow 51x46x53cmDUCK-DUCK lamp XL light object yellow 51x46x53cm
BOAT lamp BOAT lamp
Sale price159,00 €

Benefits of Goodnight Light floating lighting

  • No cables or sockets necessary, as the batteries of the floating lights are charged in advance at the charging station
  • Thanks to the high-quality battery, the lamps are sustainable and do not require batteries
  • Long-lasting and energy-saving due to the excellent technology
  • They are UV-resistant and therefore remain brilliantly white
  • Suitable as decoration for your pool or pond area

LED swimming lights for your outdoor area

In addition to our selection of floating lights, at Goodnight Light we also offer battery-powered outdoor lights and table lights for your outdoor area. Our outdoor lights are ideal for individual garden lighting .

The wireless Smart and Green LED lights are characterized by their break resistance and weather resistance. Furthermore, some of our battery-powered outdoor lights are floatable and therefore suitable for your pool or pond.

Buy LED floating lights at Goodnight Light

Since 2014, Goodnight Light, with its headquarters in Barcelona, ​​has been producing wireless floating lights for the pool or pond. The designers Mark and Eva Newton have gained international attention with the loving design of the DUCK-DUCK lamp.

We have been the exclusive partner of Goodnight Light for the regions of Germany, Austria and German-speaking Switzerland since 2019

You can reach us at any time at design@goodnight-light.de or via our contact form . We would be happy to advise you by phone on 08369 9107277 and look forward to your inquiry!