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 The topic of sustainability in connection with our products and other services has many important factors. At this point we would like to give you a brief overview of the topic areas we have identified. We would be happy to respond to your further interest upon request via email. Please send your questions to:

The environment is important to us!

For us, environmentally friendly is not just a term, but it is an integral part of our philosophy, even our name.

The original idea of ​​the founders of Smart & Green lives on. The development approach was to create a light that follows people everywhere. If you can take your light with you because it doesn't have a cable, you don't have to light up an entire room or the terrace and use up a lot of electricity.

If a product is durable and has a modular system with replaceable lighting units, it automatically contributes to environmental protection. The very high recycling rate of over 90% of the complete lights is another green aspect.

Of course, for us, registration and participation in the disposal systems is:

  • WEEE Return (disposal of electrical appliances) Our registration number: DE208692247
  • GRS Batteries Foundation (return system for batteries and accumulators) No. 20040601


Longevity thanks to high-quality components and very good workmanship


Unfortunately, many buyers of cheap offers experience their garden balls discoloring after just a few weeks. First they turn a light yellow and later an ugly gray-yellow discoloration that you only remember from the wallpaper from smoking times. Nobody wants that, especially if you value a well-kept garden.

By next spring at the latest, the lamps will go into the trash can, including the battery and the small solar panel. The environment is not only polluted due to the inability to separate valuable parts, but also due to the waste of raw materials.

Not so with the lights from Smart & Green and Goodnight-light

The high-quality polyethylene plastic, developed specifically for outdoor use, has particularly strong UV resistance. Even after several years in the sun, the cover of the Smart & Green lights is still really white.

The flexibility of the PE also means that its breaking strength is unmatched, so that the lights can be used in many hotel pools and wellness spas without hesitation. The waterproofness of IP68 (still 100% tight up to 1m under water) is another plus point.

Also a beautiful sight in the garden and on the terrace during the day. (the flatball set Ø50+35cm)


The battery-powered LED light modules

Not only the number (20-35) of LEDs, but also the high-quality LEDs themselves are responsible for the good illumination, even of larger objects. The lifespan of the LEDs is approximately 40,000 hours, which is over 13 years if used for 8 hours a day. What is even more important for the user is the connection between LED and built-in electronics and the resulting possibilities. The Smart&Green lighting units have been continuously developed for 15 years and now offer the highest standard in the SmartMESH® version.

The brightness of around 150 lumens (BULB light unit, without diffuser) is enormous and the over 160,000 adjustable color nuances are also impressive. Numerous color programs, continuous dimming but also the adjustment of the color temperature (Kelvin) are further features that make the difference and create beautiful, pleasant light for a special ambience.

The batteries

The modern lithium ion batteries offer absolute reliability and also have a long service life. The lighting duration of 7 to 15 hours per battery charge and setting has proven to be the ideal operating time for the vast majority of users. Larger batteries would significantly increase the price of the lighting units and also their size. The batteries from Smart & Green have a service life of more than 1000 charging cycles (1x fully charged and completely drained = 1 cycle). Unchanged performance is guaranteed up to 600 cycles, after which the batteries and thus also the lighting duration can slowly decrease.

The charging time is approximately 6 hours and the charging process switches off automatically when fully charged.

The power consumption of the different light modules is between 0.5 and 1.2 watts, which is another environmental factor.

The best workmanship

The BULB and BULBLITE light units are installed in the floating lights with rust-free stainless steel screws and soft, precisely fitting silicone seals. The light units themselves are also waterproof (IP68) and unbreakable for further security.

The round shapes of the built-in light modules make them particularly pressure-resistant. This is particularly important when used outdoors. Imagine how high the temperature and pressure inside a light can get at 30 degrees.

The batteries, circuit boards and LEDs are subjected to special quality tests in our factories. Only in combination of high-quality materials and the best workmanship can you get a long-lasting product that will bring you joy every day.

The modular system

Each light consists of 3 components. The lamp body (diffuser), the battery-LED light module and the charging station. Goodnight-light products also come with an infrared remote control.

Over 98% of defects only occur in the technical components. The diffusers are almost indestructible.

The light modules have not been changed in size or shape for over 8 years. All technical improvements have been developed and integrated without changing the external features. So if a light module no longer works after years of use, you can buy a module that is suitable for the respective light directly from us. The same applies to charging stations and remote controls. Replacing the modules can be done quickly and easily by anyone.


Returns - handling and responsibility

Through extensive and meaningful product descriptions, we avoid bad purchases and returns. Through our complex “returns strategy” we avoid any disposal of returned products. Since this topic is more extensive, we have created a separate page for it, which you can access by clicking on the returns seal.


Find out more about our returns strategy 

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