S&G: Battery discharge without using the light

You notice that your Smart and Green light does not reach the specified lighting time. Even though it was only on for a few hours one day, it only lights up briefly the next day or stops lighting the day after that.

Or you charged the light a few days ago and now want to use it, but it doesn't light up.

Both situations have the same cause.

The Bluetooth receiver in the light module is permanently on “stand-by”, meaning it is ready to receive the signals from the APP at any time. This “stand-by” function consumes electricity and thereby discharges the battery. If the light module is fully charged, the battery will be completely drained in 4-5 days due to this consumption alone.

What should I do?

There are two ways to ensure that your lamp stays on for its full duration.

  1. You recharge the light after each use. If you have not used the light for a long time, it is best to connect it to the charging station approx. 6 hours before you next use it.
  2. You switch off the Bluetooth receiver of the light module.

Open the APP and go to the "Devices" page

Press the green gear icon in the top right. A black gear symbol appears behind the connected light(s). Press this icon.

On the page that opens, then press the "Activate" button in the "App standby mode" field

The Bluetooth receiver is now deactivated and no longer consumes any power.

The light cannot now be controlled with the APP.

To reactivate the Bluetooth receiver, press one of the buttons on the light module.