Product Information GNL BULBLITE Vinyl

Technical information about BULBLITE light module / battery / charging station

Material of the lamp Vinyl plastic. Shock- and break-proof, UV-resistant, splash-proof
light source Module IPW BULBLITE V3 0.4Watt
Light colors 160,000 shades of color + white light
steering Manual control directly on the lighting unit
and with infrared remote control (included)
Range 5-7m
Light duration 7-8 hours depending on brightness setting
Duration of charging approx. 6 hours
Battery data 850mA/h max. 1.0 watts
Charging station Induction charging station model BULBLITE 100cm cable with USB plug, without power adapter.
Protection class III
Protection class of the luminaire IP44 = splash-proof, BULBLITE light module = IP68