XL Badeenten und mehr

The original from Goodnight-light. The DUCK-DUCK XL is an eye-catcher in every environment
is guaranteed to put a smile on the viewer's face.

It is made of break-resistant PE plastic and has a sturdy, easily removable metal bracket

The light can be easily transported. The DUCK-DUCK XL is UV-resistant, weatherproof and of course floatable.

Reliable, long-lasting battery that comes with it
The included charging station can be charged from the mains in just 6 hours
then provides 7-8 hours of beautiful light.

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DUCK-DUCK lamp S white DUCK-DUCK lamp S white
Sale price159,00 €
DUCK-DUCK lamp XL light object whiteDUCK-DUCK lamp XL light object white
Sale price159,00 €
Save 59,00 €
DUCK-DUCK lamp set of 2DUCK-DUCK lamp set of 2
Sale price399,00 € Regular price458,00 €
Save 59,00 €
DUCK-DUCK lamp XL + S in whiteDUCK-DUCK lamp XL + S in white
Sale price399,00 € Regular price458,00 €
DUCK-DUCK lamp XL light object yellow 51x46x53cmDUCK-DUCK lamp XL light object yellow 51x46x53cm