DUCK-DUCK lamp XL + S in white

White swimming ducks XL+S Dimensions: XL 51x46x53cm and S 30x26x30cm

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✔️ Fantastisches Deko-Highlight: Die DUCK-DUCK
Lampen in XL+S sind ein Blickfang!
✔️Weltweiter Designererfolg: Diese ausgefallene
Dekoration bringt überall Spaß und Aufheiterung.
✔️Tragbar und vielseitig: Mit dem Tragebügel kann
man die DUCK-DUCK XL mühelos transportieren
und an verschiedenen Orten genießen.
✔️Individuelle Beleuchtung: Mit 6 fest einstellbaren
Farben und einem sanften Farbwechselmodus
bietet die Lampe eine breite Palette an
Beleuchtungsoptionen, die mit der Fernbedienung
gesteuert werden können.

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including charging station

Suitable for outdoors

8 hours battery life

The cheerful, cheeky lamp for every environment

The DUCK-DUCK lamp from Goodnight Light in the color of the bathtub ducks is a real eye-catcher, whether lit or unlit. With its cute design and happy facial expression, it brings a smile to your lips and spreads a positive attitude to life in every room. This break-proof and weather-resistant light floats stably on the water and offers a wide range of lighting options with 160,000 color nuances and white light.

Flexible, cheerful, fantastic

Immerse yourself in the world of duck light from Goodnight Light - an absolute eye-catcher that puts you in a good mood everywhere. Thanks to its break-proof and weather-resistant construction, this floating light is perfect for the garden, terrace or water. Control the light manually or conveniently using the infrared remote control and let yourself be enchanted by its cheerful charm. Included is everything you need for easy installation, including attractive gift packaging

Design with a smile

Bring a bit of joy into your home with the DUCK-DUCK lamp from Goodnight Light. This sensational design object perfectly embodies Goodnight Light's credo - "Design with a smile". Thanks to its robust construction and versatile uses, this light is suitable not only for children but for people of all ages. With its flexible control and enchanting appearance, it is the ideal light decoration that spreads a good mood everywhere.

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