Energy efficiency labels

Energy efficiency labels

On this page you will find information about the energy efficiency rating of the lights on offer.

The following applies to all lights from Smart and Green and Goodnight-light:

EPREL info

The light source can be connected through the The control gear (the power adapter) can be connected through the

End users are exchanged End users are exchanged.

« This product contains a light source with an energy efficiency rating in the class F »

« The luminaires contain a light source with energy efficiency level of class F »

Light module BULBLITE and Tablelite-MESH 0.5kWh /1000h

Light module BULB-MESH 1.2kWh/1000h

Light module BULBLITE Goodnight light 0.4kWh/1000h

Light module BULB Goodnight light 1.0 kWh/1000h

We will also publish a corresponding QR code here, which will give you further details.

Here are the old labels:

Smart and Green Bulblite light units are used in many Smart and Green lights. Also in the Goodnight-light products DUCK-DUCK S and BOAT lamp .

Smart and Green BULB lights

The Smart and Green light module Tablelite (in the TUB and CUB table lamps)

Goodnight Light

The light module of the DUCK-DUCK XL lights is identical to the modules of the LOVE lamp.


NDF carbon filament lamps


CARET carbon filament lamps

The SUNS solar lights do not require energy efficiency labels

Our EAR registration number: WEEE registration number DE20869247