Returns - avoidance and responsibility

Our returns management

Returns are orders returned by the customer for various reasons. There is no defect, so the goods are in perfect condition.

We appreciate their value, which is why we categorically rule out disposal of these products.

At the same time, we want to offer you, our customers, the best possible quality.

We take our responsibility for the products and the resources used for them very seriously and have therefore formulated specific goals for our company.

1) Returns are valuable

We don't throw anything away.

Returns are not rubbish, but in the vast majority of cases they are flawless goods, despite small scratches or damaged packaging. In order to process returns in an ecologically and economically sustainable manner, we use our returns system to do everything we can to ensure that returned goods can be resold. Good for us, cheap for you, and kind to the environment!

Fewer returns protect the environment and ultimately also your wallet. Returns are a very complex and costly process for us! For this reason, we have decided not to cover shipping costs for returns. Returns in the event of a warranty claim are of course excluded.

2) Our promise: We take care of it

Local processing – directly by our experts

The returned items are examined and technically checked here by experts. The lights are then put back into the sales process. Either: As A-goods (cleaned and repackaged) in the respective categories in the shop, or as B-goods at a significantly reduced price, in an external shop ( Ich hab ne Macke! - Returned goods cat. House + Garden - I hab ne Macke ( who specializes in the marketing of B-goods. Anyone who orders these items receives the full guarantee, as with new goods.

Good customer service reduces returns - we help you make the right purchase decision

One reason for returns is often misconceptions about the product: that's why we provide our customers with enough pictures, detailed photos and precise descriptions to be able to really assess the item. In addition to all the important functions, you will also find information about the material and the exact dimensions. The better you know, the lower the risk of having to send something back. Avoiding returns helps the environment:

Therefore, before purchasing, take enough time to find out about the product.

And if a question remains unanswered, we will be happy to help with personal advice. We offer telephone, email or team meetings as communication channels.

If a lamp does not meet your expectations or wishes, you can of course return it within 14 days.

Good logistics, quick help in the event of disruptions in the delivery process.

It is equally important that the goods arrive to you undamaged and that you can find help quickly if you have any questions or problems. Our logistics partner and their employees treat the lights carefully and ensure perfect protection with good shipping packaging. We are in direct contact with our delivery partners on a daily basis and can therefore quickly resolve any problems that arise and ensure rapid delivery of your order.

All of this not only means a good purchasing experience and satisfied customers, it also helps us reduce costs - and last but not least, it helps our planet.

In case of defects - replacement modules instead of returns

Nobody throws away a good pair of shoes just because the shoe laces are broken - they are replaced and our favourite shoes stay with us. The situation is similar with the lights from our brands. If a light module or the charging station is defective, these parts can be reordered on our website and easily replaced by you. If this happens during the warranty period, write or call us. Our product experts will try to analyse the situation with you and, if necessary, arrange a free replacement.

Dealing with defective components

It happens that disposal cannot be avoided. Due to the modular system mentioned, we can easily separate the components of a lamp and dispose of them separately. In order to enable the disposal of old devices, batteries and the packaging of our products via recycling collection points, Smart and Green Germany naturally participates in the relevant systems:

EAR Foundation – for electrical appliances

GRS Batteries Foundation – for rechargeable batteries

The Green Dot – for packaging

Further questions?

Simply contact us by email at or by telephone (Mon-Fri 9 a.m.-12 p.m.) on 08369 9107277