Set of 2 - The BOAT lamp™

51cm long, floatable, GNL Bulblite module, remote control

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✔️Double beauty: Two lamps for double Charm.
✔️Savings package: Buy two, save money.
✔️Versatile use, shatterproof, waterproof
✔️On the water, their beauty unfolds with a magical star effect.
✔️Very good workmanship, durable product

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Controllable via remote control

including charging station

Suitable for outdoors

8 hours battery life

Elegance on water and on land

Discover the beauty of the origami paper folding technique with the BOAT light - a unique design object equipped with a wireless LED light module. Whether on water or on land, this shatterproof, weatherproof and buoyant light will add a touch of style and elegance to any room.

Versatile lighting for every occasion

Enjoy the versatility of the BOAT light - an indispensable companion for warm evenings on the water or cozy hours at home. With a wide range of light colors and a practical remote control, you can design the atmosphere according to your wishes and ensure optimal illumination using the latest LED technology.

Beauty and functionality in one

Immerse yourself in the world of the BOAT lamp - an exclusive lighting object that not only impresses with its unique design, but also with its practical functionality. With an attractive gift box and an induction charging base with USB connection cable, this lamp is ready to brighten and beautify your home, office or patio.

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