GNL HELP / Service / Operating Instructions

GNL HELP / Service / Operating Instructions


Here you will find information, tips and answers on how to use the Goodnight-light lights and also on malfunctions.

The modular system:

A big advantage for the owners of a Goodnight light lamp but also for the environment is the modular lighting system in our lamps. The modules can be easily removed from the lights in a short time and replaced if necessary. This feature saves transport costs in the event of a defect and ensures an even longer lifespan for your lamp.

We differentiate between 2 modules

BULB V3 - only installed in the DUCK-DUCK XL. The module has 2 buttons)

BULBLITE V3 - in DUCK-DUCK S, BOAT, PINACOLADA, EDEN and DAISY lamp. (This module has a green switch button

The only lamp that contains a completely different system is the BOLETI lamp, which is equipped with a solar module.



GNL BULBLITE operating instructions (for DUCK-DUCK S and BOAT - lamp)

GNL BULBLITE Instruction Manual VINYL (for PINACOLADA, EDEN and DAISY lamp)

GNL BULB operating instructions (for DUCK-DUCK XL and LOVE lamp)

GNL solar module BOLETI user manual


The charging stations

The BULB V3 module is charged with the contact charging station which has an EU plug.

Art. No. 202

The BULBLITE V3 module is charged with an induction charging station that has a USB plug. (Item number 749)

The charging time for both modules is approx. 6 hours. In both BULB modules, an indicator light lights up inside the light module, i.e. also inside the lamp, while charging. This light is difficult to see on the yellow version of the DUCK-DUCK lamp. You can see it best in a dark environment.

There is an indicator light on the BULBLITE charging station that lights up red during charging and green when the battery is fully charged.

remote control

An infrared remote control is included with each light. A CR2025 battery is included. Before first use, remove the transparent protective strip from the battery compartment.

If your light does not respond immediately to the signal from the remote control, please first switch the light on using the button, then you can use the remote control. This situation occurs when the battery is completely empty, which can happen with new lights or later if you haven't used the light for a long time.

The functions of the remote control can be found in the operating instructions. Please note that the red button at the top right is only used to switch off the light and not to switch it on. Switching on works with each of the colored buttons in the center of the remote control.


There are some tips on how to properly care for the components, especially for the DUCK-DUCK XL lights. Please read this information carefully as it will significantly increase the lifespan and therefore your enjoyment of the beautiful lamp. (Click on the picture)


DUCK-DUCK lamp S™ For details on operation and helpful tips, click on the photo.


If you have any other questions about our lights, please send us an email . After making an appointment, we will be happy to call you for a consultation.