The BOLETI lamp 100% solar

Weatherproof, solar, Ø35cm height 40cm

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✔️Stylish design
✔️Efficient solar charging
✔️Practical metal hanger
✔️Modular solar/LED module
✔️High-quality, break-resistant material

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including charging station

Suitable for outdoors

8 hours battery life

A magnificent solar lamp

Discover the powerful energy of the sun with our striking Boleti Lamp™, a luxurious solar lamp ideal for portable, solar-powered lighting. A great eco-friendly gift

City chic and country love

While the Boleti lamp loves country life, it can also be found in the city, lighting up the balconies of chic second homes. With a design reminiscent of 1970s aesthetics, the Boleti Lamp™ is a great eye-catcher and, thanks to its solar power, the perfect opportunity to talk about sustainability.

Enchanted lighting

Go anywhere, anytime. No cables, no plugs, no hassle. A day of charging in the sun provides up to 5 hours of light. The module is equipped with a sensor that automatically switches on and off depending on the ambient light. A truly magical mushroom.

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