LED table lamp – wireless lighting for your table

The wireless table lamps from Smart and Green are an eye-catcher in every indoor and outdoor area. The pleasant and beautiful light of the LED table lamps creates a wonderful ambience, whether in a hotel, restaurant, retirement home or private household. Due to the long service life and low power consumption , the purchase costs of the lights pay off significantly over time and are significantly safer compared to candles, lanterns or other lamps.

The table lamps are unbreakable, versatile, do not require any annoying cables and are very easy to use. You can easily choose the light color you want and enjoy the beautiful light on your tables. This makes every occasion a very special experience.


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Wireless table lighting from Smart and Green

The table lamps from Smart and Green represent an impressive lighting solution for your hotel, restaurant or private home. The lamps are equipped with rechargeable batteries, which means they can be operated without the need for batteries and can therefore be placed extremely flexibly indoors and outdoors can be.

The LED table lamps are characterized by their outstanding technology and their exceptionally long service life . Our safe and wireless table lighting is ideal for any table. Contact us today for more information about our high quality LED bulbs. We would be happy to help you create an inviting atmosphere!

The advantages of our wireless table lamps

  • No annoying cables at all as the table lamps are powered by a battery
  • Sustainable lamps as no batteries are required due to the battery
  • Safer than candles or lanterns as the lights do not get hot
  • Ideal decoration for indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy to use and easy to select the desired light color
  • Can largely be controlled via Bluetooth via an app thanks to SmartMesh technology (all Smart and Green lights)

Intelligent control via app for our table lamps

The unique SmartMesh technology is integrated into our LED table lighting from Smart and Green. This innovative technology allows you to control the lights via an app using a Bluetooth connection, without the need for an active WiFi connection. This gives you the freedom to use the lights mobile and flexibly in your hotel, restaurant or private home.

Thanks to the mesh network, the table lamps can be networked with each other to design your room according to your individual wishes and ideas. With the help of the Bluetooth connection, you can easily control the lights indoors and outdoors from a distance of around 20 meters via the app. This means that you can adjust the table lamp as needed at any time, thereby creating the atmosphere you want.

Create a beautiful ambience with the LED lights from Smart and Green

Our range of wireless table lamps are not only used for private purposes, but also by various recognized companies. You can admire our table lamps at the Novotel Munich Airport, the AIDS Cruises and the TUI Cruises, among others.

Buy wireless lighting for your table

Smart and Green has been an established manufacturer of wireless table lamps since 2007 with its headquarters in France. We are proud that all table lamps are equipped with the innovative SmartMesh technology, which was developed in Grenoble, France. This technology is used exclusively in our products and therefore enables outstanding, wireless control and networking of the lights with each other.

Since 2011 we have been the proud exclusive partner of Smart and Green for the regions of Germany, Austria and German-speaking Switzerland. Our long-standing partnership has enabled us to offer premium table lamps in these regions, providing customers with an unparalleled lighting experience.

Individual advice on our LED table lamps

If you would like further information about our LED table lamps for use in your hotel, restaurant or private household, we are happy to assist you at any time. The Smart and Green team is available to answer any questions you may have about our table lamps.

You can contact us at any time at service@smartandgreen-leuchte.de or use our contact form . We also offer you telephone advice on 08369 9107277 and look forward to your inquiry!