Designer lights for hotels and restaurants

Are you looking for ideal wireless outdoor lighting for your restaurant or hotel industry? Then you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for at Smart and Green. We provide you with various LED light objects in different shapes, sizes and styles for the indoor or outdoor areas of hotels and restaurants.

All of our hotel and restaurant lights can be controlled with an app thanks to Smart Mesh technology. They are also break-proof, weather-resistant, wireless and partially buoyant. Our LED lighting concepts are therefore ideal lighting for hotels and restaurants and promote the well-being of your guests.


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Gastro and hotel lights from Smart and Green

The Smart and Green lamps for hotels and restaurants are characterized by the perfect combination of style, functionality and energy efficiency . No matter whether you run a cozy restaurant, an elegant hotel or a stylish bar, our high-quality LED lights will transform your premises or outdoor area into a unique ambience. Thanks to the smart LED lighting, you can adjust the light color and intensity to create the perfect atmosphere for your guests .

Convince yourself of the outstanding quality and incomparable charm of our gastro and hotel lights from Smart and Green. Rely on high-quality lighting that will delight your guests while reducing your energy consumption. Contact us today and let our experts advise you on finding the perfect lighting solution for your event.

LED lighting objects for hotels and restaurants

Beautiful light on the tables and in the surrounding area creates comfort and promotes the well-being of your guests. Thanks to the ingenious SmartMesh app, we offer users in the hotel, catering and event sectors excellent control options for up to 100 lights. All Smart and Green lamps and light objects can be combined together and controlled with the SmartMesh app via Bluetooth . The lights can be controlled not only at the same time, but also in freely configurable groups or individually.

Thanks to the SmartMesh app, users have all the options to control their lights from a central point. Whether it's table lighting, patio or pool lighting, you can use your tablet or smartphone to create beautiful lighting effects to increase the well-being of your guests. The flexibility and versatility of control options allow you to create an unforgettable atmosphere and offer your guests an unparalleled experience.

Advantages of gastro and hotel lights

  • Thanks to a battery , no sockets or cables are required
  • By eliminating batteries, the lights contribute to a sustainable solution
  • The ingenious technology ensures high longevity and energy efficiency
  • They are ideal as decoration for restaurants, hotels, bars or outdoor areas
  • Thanks to the intelligent SmartMesh technology, they can be controlled via Bluetooth via a smart app

Smart app control of our lamps for hotels and restaurants

Our gastro and hotel lights combine unique design with the groundbreaking SmartMesh technology, which is only available from Smart and Green. Thanks to this technology, we enable you to individually control and design your lights. All of our battery-powered lights can be easily connected and controlled via an app via Bluetooth. This means you have full control over the lighting without having to rely on a WiFi connection.

Thanks to the unique mesh network, you have the opportunity to connect all LED light objects with each other and design them individually . This allows you to ideally stage your outdoor area, your pool, your terrace or your tables. The lamps communicate with each other to create a harmonious lighting experience that you can flexibly adjust. Thanks to the built-in batteries, you don't have to rely on a power source , which means you can place the lights exactly where you need them.

Enjoy the limitless possibilities of lighting control and design with our innovative lamps for hotels, restaurants or various events. Make every moment special according to your personal style and ambience.

Lighting concept of LED light objects

Experience the incredible flexibility of our wireless lights perfect for events that will enchant your guests. Our gastro and hotel lights have already been part of, among other things, unforgettable summer night parties and events in first-class hotels. For these events, we transformed the pool area, the adjacent terrace and the interior into a breathtaking sea of ​​light that captivated the guests.

Be ready to impress your guests with captivating lighting objects that integrate seamlessly into venues. Discover the freedom and limitless creative possibilities that our wireless battery-powered lights offer.

Buy lamps for hotels and restaurants

Headquartered in France, Smart and Green has been a renowned manufacturer of innovative, wireless LED lights specifically designed for outdoor use since its founding in 2007. The remarkable SmartMesh technology, which enables unique lighting control, was developed by a company in Grenoble (France) and is used exclusively in Smart and Green products.

Our partnership with Smart and Green began in 2011 and extends across the regions of Germany, Austria and German-speaking Switzerland. As an exclusive partner in this area, we strive to make Smart and Green's outstanding products and technologies available to a wide audience. Our commitment is to bring the limitless possibilities of Smart an Green wireless LED lights to these regions, creating unique indoor and outdoor lighting experiences.

Personal advice on LED lighting concepts for hotels and restaurants

Are you interested in our lamps for hotels, restaurants and events or would you like to receive more information about SmartMesh technology and control via app? We at Smart and Green are happy to answer all your questions about our range.

Do not hesitate to contact us via email at or using the contact form . You can also reach us by phone on 08369 9107277 and look forward to helping you! Your inquiry is always welcome and we look forward to helping you with our expertise and enthusiasm for innovative outdoor lighting.