Smart and Green Service

If none of the measures described can solve the problem, please call your dealer or contact us directly.

If you wish to make a complaint, please DO NOT send the entire lamp , as we only need the LED light unit or the charging station to replace. The LED light units can be removed easily and easily, even with floating lights.

This means you avoid increased freight costs, because the plastic lamp body takes up a lot of freight volume. Since the lamp body does not contain any electronics, a defect can only be in the lighting unit or in the charging station.


Connect all cables and connect the charging station's power plug to a working electrical outlet.

Place the lamp on the charging base.

Look at the charging indicator light (see illustration).

LED design lamps-LED lighting technology-4

- Red: The lamp is charging, do not remove the lamp from the power source

LED design lamps-LED lighting technology-5

- Green: The lamp is fully charged and can be removed from the charging station

It doesn't matter at which angle the lamp is positioned on the station, as long as the charging base is in the recess and the charging indicator light shows you the progressing charging process.

BULB series

Sources of error with the BULB lights

If the light (or the BULB light unit) does not light up blue during the charging process (if in doubt, it is best to check in a dark room), there are the following sources of error:

- Power supply problem: Check the correct power connection and whether the socket is working

- Check again that all cables are connected correctly, especially the plug connections of the charging stations

Plug connection of the charging stations

BULB charging stations of the newer generation have a separable plug connection in the cable. This is so that you can use all three different power connections of the Smart and Green products without having to keep buying a new charging station.

This reduces costs and also protects the environment. However, the plug connection must be plugged together carefully and the twist fixation must be tightened to prevent the connection from slipping unintentionally.

LED design lamps-LED lighting technology-24

LED design lamps-LED lighting technology-23

Outdoor adapter

Alternatively, the outdoor adapter (with the black cable) can also be connected.

Information on caring for the charging stations

The two metal pins on the loading plate are spring-loaded and must protrude completely from the plastic unit. If liquids enter the charging station, it can cause the suspension to stick and one or both pins to become stuck in the holes. This prevents the flow of electricity and the light does not charge.

Damage to the charging station can cause the pins to bend, which can also cause them to get stuck in the hole and prevent successful charging.

We recommend handling the pens carefully. In addition to the risk of contamination and bending, they can also break if used improperly. Use the plastic fixing pins to place the lamps correctly in the charging base (see illustration).

LED design lamps-LED lighting technology-21

Replacing the charging station

In the event of contamination/damage, ONLY the charging station needs to be cleaned or replaced. If you have purchased several lights, you should try to charge the non-working light with a different charging station. In this way you can determine whether there is really a defect in the lamp .


Operation with APP or remote control.

In order to determine which of the technical components has a malfunction, you should always first try manual operation on the switch buttons of the light modules after charging. Only when a light works with manual control can the remote control or APP establish a connection.