SmartMESH® APP information

Control of the Smart&Green MESH lights

To the remote control of the SmartMESH® lamps from Smart and Green, you need the Smart&Green APP with the black Smart and Green logo. The easiest way to find the APP is to enter Smart&Green in this notation in the APP Store or GOOGLE Play.

With Smart and Green's APP technology, all lights in the SmartMESH® series can be conveniently controlled via an app on your smartphone.

MESH technology works with Bluetooth Smart (BLE). This means that no router or WiFi is required to control your personal network. It is also not necessary to be in the middle of the Bluetooth lights to be able to control them. Each individual Bluetooth light unit acts as a relay station and passes on the commands to its nearest neighboring light. This significantly extends the range of the control and gives you excellent options for controlling a complete network of lights from one place.


Further frequently asked questions and detailed information on operating your SmartMESH® light(s)


How do I connect my SmartMESH® lamp to the Smart and Green APP?

Please read completely before connecting for the first time!

This information applies exclusively to lights in the SmartMESH® series, not to the older models in the IC series.


If you want to connect your new lamp from the SmartMESH® series to the APP for the first time, please proceed as follows:

  1. Charge the light for 6 hours.
  2. Depending on your smartphone's operating system, download the SmartMESH™ APP onto your smartphone from the APP Store or Google Play. The APP has a black S&G logo.
  3. Information on setting the APP language and all further information on using the APP can be found in the detailed description of the APP functions further down on this page.
  4. When the light is charged, please briefly test its functionality by pressing the switch button on the bottom of your light. For BULBLITE lights, press the green button and for BULB lights, press one of the two buttons. Then switch the light off again (keep the button pressed for approx. 3 seconds).
  5. In the APP, go to the “Devices” page in the menu (at the very bottom in the turquoise area).
  6. Press the cross in the circle.
  7. Press the Bluetooth symbol and move your smartphone close (<50cm) to the light.
  8. The APP finds the light module and connects to it. On the “Devices” page, a new line appears in which a light module is displayed on the left, the individual name of the light (can be changed) in the middle and a switch button on the right.
  9. If you are notified of a necessary update by a display in the app when connecting, please be sure to carry out this update immediately. Leave your smartphone directly next to the light module during the update. The update is only fully installed when the corresponding message appears in the APP.
  10. Open by pressing the light module symbol the control side.                  

          You can now operate the light with the APP.


Connection problems?

You have completed steps 1-7 and the light works perfectly when switched manually. However, the APP does not connect to the light module (step 8).

Reset the light module.

To do this, please proceed as follows:

The light must be charged and not switched on. Then please press the green button (for Bulblite modules) or for BULB modules (those with 2 buttons), the button marked with 3 light bulb symbols, and hold them down firmly for 15 seconds.

Then release the button again. After a few seconds, the light should now flash red, green, blue and white one after the other. The reset has only worked if this lights up. If the color change does not light up, please repeat the reset process.


After the successful reset, you can connect the light to the APP.

Continue the process from point 5.

If the connection to the APP does not work despite this procedure, there may be various reasons.


1. The light module is connected to another device . -> Choose a smartphone for control or go through the process described below. however, this procedure must be done from the device to which the light was first connected. If you do not have this device at hand, perform a reset on the light module. The coupling is then free again for a new connection. However, the original connection with the other device no longer works.


The Smart and Green SmartMESH® light modules have been developed for professional use in restaurants, hotels and at events.

An important requirement, which ultimately also provides security for private users, is to block the connection of the lights for further devices after coupling with the first device. This means that unauthorized persons cannot gain access to the control.

To ensure that it is still possible to connect the lights to multiple devices, authorization can be assigned to other control devices from the APP of the first device (master). By passing on the set configuration, the same settings can be saved on other devices. Simultaneous control is possible with 2 devices.

Our video clip (YouTube), which you can play by clicking on this LINK , explains how the process works.


2. A required update of the APP and the light module was not carried out.

Please always pay attention to any update notice, which appears in a separate window when you start the APP. An update displayed there must definitely be carried out. To do this, press Yes in the information window and leave the smartphone close (<0.50m) to the light module during the update.


SmartMESH module update

You can find detailed information about the process of an update at this LINK .


3. The battery is not charged. --> Connect to the charging station!

4. Your smartphone is from an older series and therefore not suitable.

Since the APP has been around since 2017 and is suitable for all smartphones manufactured after 2016, this situation should occur very rarely. In the operating instructions you can see from which version of the smartphone the app can be used.


Further information

Manual control of the lights.

Of course, all Smart&Green lights can also be switched manually directly on the built-in light module. Here you will get an overview of the functions of the buttons

BULB models (light with 2 adjustment buttons) The light brightness can be varied in three levels using the button with the three light bulb symbols.








BULBLITE models (light with a switch button)








The TABLELITE light module of our CUB and TUB lights, which has an acrylic surface, has a turquoise button. The functions are identical to those of the BULBLITE module.


We will of course be happy to help you personally. Send an email to our service team and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. The best way to reach us is by phone at 08369 9107277 (Mon-Thurs from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.).