shatterproof, wireless, Ø15x35cm, charging station and remote control

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✔️Stylish design, unique color.
✔️Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
✔️An eye-catcher in any environment, even during the day.
✔️Wireless thanks to battery operation

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Controllable via remote control

including charging station

Suitable for outdoors

8 hours battery life

Unique craftsmanship from Spain

The Piñacolada Lamp™ is hand-sculpted by skilled craftsmen in Spain, and each piña is a unique work of art. You can be assured that you are receiving a high quality, unique product, crafted with care and attention to detail.

Sunny flair for indoors and outdoors

The Piñacolada lamp from Goodnight Light is made of shatterproof vinyl and is waterproof. The high-quality lithium battery in the waterproof light unit is charged with the included induction charging station. The lamp can be controlled by pressing a button on the light module or with the included infrared remote control.

Versatile, durable, tropical flair

The Piñacolada Lamp™ is a versatile companion that is guaranteed to be a topic of conversation whether indoors or outdoors, on a table or by the pool. Their wireless design allows you to use them in any environment without worrying about annoying cables

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